Rushing River - Advanced Level 3

Rushing River - Advanced Level 3

I've been on the lookout for a scene such as this for some time. Moving water fascinates me. There's something so meditative about the movement and pattern the water makes as it cascades over the rocks. The same is true of the sound it makes as it continues it's journey down stream. I could almost hear the roar as I was painting it!

Rushing River is the longest lesson so far with over 23 hours of instruction split in to 21 parts. If you invest some of your painting time into following this lesson, your painting skills will definitely improve! You're going to learn a lot with this one!

Difficulty: Advanced
Panel Size: 12 x 16 inches
Brushes used in this lesson: Michael James Smith Professional Brush Set
Painting surface used in this lesson: Artists Exhibition Panel

Oil Paints:
Titanium White
French Ultramarine
Cerulean Blue
Winsor Lemon
Winsor Yellow
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
Cadmium Yellow
Ivory Black
Sap Green
Burnt Umber

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Rushing River - Advanced Level 3