Woman in Black - Advanced Level 3

Woman in Black - Advanced Level 3

There's no denying that portraits are a difficult subject matter, especially when they're on a smaller scale and you're aiming for a photo realistic look. Having decided upon this particular subject matter, I spent some time wondering if I should go "all out" for the finest details, for example, with the skin texture, or to soften the details and have an altogether smoother look. Actually, I lost my nerve and the final result falls somewhere in between. However, I would have been just as pleased with a softer, smoother portrait.

I like to stretch myself by trying subjects that take me out of my comfort zone. I believe it's the best way to improve and there's always room for that no matter what level you are, so I encourage you to test yourself and give this lesson a go.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes,

Difficulty: Advanced
Panel Size: 16 x 12 inches
Brushes used in this lesson: Michael James Smith Professional Brush Set

In August 2019 Michael switched brush manufacturers and as a result the series numbers/names are different in some of the lessons. In order to be able to complete the lessons regardless of which set you’re using we have put together a chart which lists the equivalent brushes from both sets.

Oil Paints:
Titanium White
Burnt Umber
Ivory Black
Winsor Lemon
Cadmium Orange
Alazarin Crimson
Cerulean Blue Hue
Dioxazine Purple
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)
Prussian Blue

Mediums / Thinners:
White Spirit

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Woman in Black - Advanced Level 3