Formal Garden - Advanced Level 3

Formal Garden - Advanced Level 3

I love history and I love the vast array of historic houses that are open to the public here in the UK. That said, I don't actually know what house this is or it's location but this reference photo jumped out at me as soon as I saw it. I can just imagine Pride and Prejudice's Mr Darcy walking hand in hand with Elizabeth Bennett in the gardens!

I really enjoyed this painting, I think you will too!

Difficulty: Advanced
Panel Size: 12 x 16 inches
Brushes used in this lesson: Michael James Smith Professional Brush Set
Painting surface used in this lesson: Exhibition Panel

Oil Paints:
Titanium White
Cerulean Blue
Ivory Black
Dioxazine Purple
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Pthalo Green Yellow Shade
Lemon Yellow
Winsor Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Cobalt Blue
Sap Green
Alizarian Crimson

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Formal Garden - Advanced Level 3