Coyote - Advanced Level 3

Coyote - Advanced Level 3

Try this lesson if you want to improve your oil painting skills and develop your techniques when painting fur.

I’ve been wanting to paint another animal portrait for some time now. Whilst looking for a subject that is not only challenging but interesting too, I came across this striking image. The Coyote in all his glory with subtle muted tones and cool flecks highlighted in his long and coarse fur. Standing alert sniffing out his surroundings, the reddish tinges in his ears adding a soft warm glow. This painting has so many interesting elements, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely rewarding to complete.

Difficulty: Advanced
Panel Size: 12 x 12 inches
Brushes used in this lesson: Michael James Smith Professional Brush Set
Painting surface used in this lesson: Canvas on Artists Exhibition Panel

Oil Paints:
Titanium White
Ivory Black
French Ultramarine
Cadmium Orange
Cerulean Blue
Winsor Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Burnt Umber
Dioxazine Purple

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Coyote - Advanced Level 3