Celebration - Advanced Level 3

Celebration - Advanced Level 3

This lesson is my 50th Lesson and as such a celebration is in order! It's called 'Celebration' and I can't believe I've filmed 50 lessons to date, it seems like such a milestone. If I was able to make the same dynamic movement as the model in this painting I would. I suspect I'd dislocate a hip on landing or hit my head on the ceiling, it certainly wouldn't look so grand, that you can be sure of!

This is a tricky one to get right. I recommend you take your time with the sketch to get the proportions correct and steady your hand on the panel surface or with a shot of whisky!

I hope you enjoy it. I did!


Difficulty: Advanced
Panel Size: 16 x 16 inches
Brushes used in this lesson: Michael James Smith Professional Brush Set
Painting surface used in this lesson: Exhibition Panel

Oil Paints:
Titanium White
French Ultramarine
Cerulean Blue
Winsor Yellow
Ivory Black
Burnt Umber
Cadmium Orange
Dioxazine Purple
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson

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Celebration - Advanced Level 3